Photo Sharing for Education

I must confess that it has been awhile since I have used a photo sharing site. With iPhones making it easier to share a photo album with groups of friends in your contact list, I had strayed from sharing photos from an external site. Recently I navigated to flickr, to research photos on poverty in America.

This web address had some very interesting photos. Here is one I found particularly poignant

The old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words rings true here. While you’re browsing through the various photos, you get a sense of poverty in America that you just can get from a research paper or data sheet.

One thing that is a little frustrating with such sites, is that the photos can be quite difficult to share. Many of them have restricted sharing features which seems counter-intuitive to a site designed to share photos with the public. I wanted to embed a few photos into this blog, and though the feature was available, it was not allowed on the photos I looked at.

I think that flickr could be a great way for students to organize a visual exploration of a topic. By sharing photos of, for example, photosynthesis, students might gain a deeper understanding of the process, since they will have an array of images associated with other learning material.